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UBAB — a name with many meanings.
First and foremost, it is that of an artist. As far back as he can remember, UBAB has made his mark
on any and every surface he could get his hands on. From building walls to musical instruments; from canvas to clothing, bags, and shoes.

Through his art, UBAB has been fortunate to meet and interact with countless people and other artists who have inspired him to continue to create and push boundaries.
UBAB MAD was launched out of a passion for streetwear and creative exchange, offering us a first-hand look inside the artist’s imagination through one-of-a-kind hand-painted pieces.
The baseball cap, the original collection piece, is uniquely transformed to tell a story that can be effortlessly worn and shared, only to be once again reborn. UBAB finds his inspiration through travel, spontaneity, and adversity — and thanks to this unique perspective, no two pieces are the same.

On the floor the brand's creator is painting in the middle of many paintings;
A girl is wearing a white tee shirt of our collection. teh logo is a breaking heart red and black. She is sitting of a surfboarding in the middle of the sea
A girl in the street is wearing a loose long short custom by the creator of the brand UbabMAd
We are seeing the back ass of a girl. She is wearing a long short customed by the creator of UBABMAD
mains peinture.jpg
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